Our OUTDOOR Bungee Center is located halfway between Torino and Milano. It is an 8 tiered bridge, nicknamed "Colossus" for its immense size. At the Center all year long you can try one of the highest World bridge jump: 152 meters high (499 ft.)!
Since the opening day in 1995, is a Bungee-Cult site, where every year more than 2000 people coming from anywhere meet the gravity power; most of them are common people and many of them come back to taste the 2nd jump feeling. In 2003 even the BBC Television chose this Bungee center for its scientific TV program 'Body Hits' broadcasted through BBC3 and BBCWorld.
At the OUTDOOR Bungee Center all kind of people can have fun with many activities as our all-new ACROJUMP4©, or the brand new ADVENTURE PARK (opening in 2005), with a real aerial adventure trails between trees inside a deep wood.
At about 15km. distance, down-hill MTB, free climbing, skiing, horse riding, archery are available as well.

152 mt. the height in meters (499 feet)

28 m/s vertical speed (>100 km/h)
-2.7g the maximum g-force during a jump
4,5 sec. average first fall duration

300 % the average maximum stretching of the rope during a jump
2310 kg the maximum load sustained by our bungee rope during the tests
391 kg the maximum load during the activity (for a mass of 145 kg.)
606 the number of stretch-shock sustained by the rope during the tests, with no plastic deformation or relevant threads breaking
350 the maximum number of jumps allowed at our bungee center before changing the bungee rope

Get the A4(Milano/Torino) Motorway, exit CARISIO (halfway between Mi/To) then follow signs for COSSATO and VALLEMOSSO. Enter into the village and after 1,5 km. you find a Veglio white sign and then turn right at the 1st Xroad following our BUNGEE CENTER Signs.
Coming from the Intern.Malpensa Airport get the A8 motorway and then the A26 Motorway direction Genova untill the A4 motorway that should be driven direction Torino for about 40km.
Distances from Veglio-Mosso (Biella)
40 Km. from motorway A4 (Milano/Torino) exit of Carisio
64 Km. from Varese/Malpensa Airp.
90 Km. from Torino
105 Km. from Milano
185 Km. from Genova

1st jump € 100,00
2st jump € 80,00 with our Card or Jump Certificate
(€ 70,00 if done the same day of the 1st)
Night jump € 120,00

Video shooting on DVD € 20,00
(including Bungee VideoClip of 8 min with SECTOR-NoLimits Team: Patrick de Gayardon, Barbara Brighetti, etc.)

NEW: video shooting with action-cam € 30,00
(€ 20,00 in bundle with DVD shooting). View this »

Group Special Fares
For minimum 7 jumpers group we allow 1 jump free.
(instead of € 700.00 the group pays just € 600.00)

  1. Weather
    • RAIN or SHINE! We are open in all weather conditions!
  2. Cancellations
    1. If you cancel your reservation after 12,00 a.m. of Thursday before the date of your jump or if you don't come at the Reception or if you decide not to jump the day reserved, the total amount paid will be lost.
    2. If you cancel your reservation up to 7 days before the date of your jump, we'll refund a 50% of total amount paid.
    3. If you cancel your reservation up 15 days before the the date of your jump, we'll refund a 30% of total amount paid.
    4. If you cancel your reservation more than 15 days before the the date of your jump, we'll refund the total amount paid.
  3. Refunds
    • Handling charges necessary for the repayment will be deducted from the amount to repay.
  4. Change your date for jump
    • You can change your date for jump until 15 days before the date reserved, otherwise we'll apply the rules of cancellations.
  5. Cancellation date of opening
    1. Calendar could change. Bungee.it will communicate the changes and will offer a new date for jump.
    2. Dates marked in yellow in our online Calendar will be definitively confirmed only if there is a minimum of 10 jumps booked.
    3. in case of cancellation of scheduled jump dates, BUNGEE.IT will refund the entire amount (except for services already provided) or we’ll offer a new date for jump.

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