ACRO JUMP4® is an innovative play-structure that allows 4 users at the same time, for a total weight range of 20 to 100 kg., to jump and perform acrobatics that may reach a height of 8 metres thanks to improved high-performance bungee cords. The peculiarity of this structure, that we entirely produce in aeronautical aluminium, lies in the special care we take during the designing phase. Such process guarantees:
a) a simple self-elevation system that makes both assembly and dismantlement faster
    (2 people can do that in 3 hours' time);
b) a selection of the materials, Certified and of the finest quality;
c) simplified system for harness and bungee cords with fast release.

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4 circular "Pro" trampolines (diam. 370 cm., height cm. 90) with staircases
4 electrical 220/240V winches Ğ 0.75 kW single-phase and wired button panel
4 sets of Bungee Cords equipped with the patented A.E.System®
4 complete harnesses in compliance with the Standard EN361 (Sizes: 2 S/M, 2 M/L)
4 complete suspension systems (pulley, cords, karabiners and alloy swivels)
Complete Set of turnbuckles, connectors and cables in Stainless Steel
4 end-cycle Light timers devices

The structure can be equipped with a lighting system for both indoor and nocturnal use and with the new remote-control system working through a camera and a VCR that can record images up to 40 working days. This system allows you to check daily or weekly incomes even if the AcroJump is managed by others, leaving you free to invest in more structures.

Acrojump harness 4 circular "Pro" trampolines (diam. 390cm., height cm. 90) with staircases Winch
Alloy swivels Bungee cords sets (10 pieces with karabiners buckle)


Each set for each single location is composed of 5 couples of bungees in special Tube UV resistant Latex.
The system is modular, that is each couple can support a weight of around 18 kilos (+- 10%), therefore you will have to fit 2 couples for around 40 kilos, 3 couples for around 60 kilos and so on. Moreover, the AcroJump4® is the first bungee trampoline in the World that offers the Safety System named Anti-Elongation System®: it consists in the introduction into the suspension system of at least one couple of elastics with a special webbing running outside each bungee, avoiding that jumper is dangerously not fastened to the suspension system in case the elastic completely breaks up.

As far as we are bungee cords manufacturer since 1993 we suggest our TU model (tube latex) with tough terminals for karabiners. This model guarantee you the best elongation performances and therefore high jumps; a rebated buying cost and long life cycles (>600 cycles) makes our TU bungee Cords the best seller on the market!

> mod.TU01/02 in natural tube latex, providing very high elongation perfomances (>400%) with a limited life-cycle of around 400 clients (1 clients = 60 kg. for 4 minutes average time)


Our bungee cords are certified by University of Torino, Engeneering departement


How to carry the Acrojump Ride
The whole ride can fit in a common Van Cab (see the pic.).
- Longest piece: mt 6
- Total load (structure+components+trampolines): ca. Kg 850


4 lights system for a total 2,000 W with Electric Board complying with EC Standards
A remote-control system: 1 camera + 1 video recorder + 1 black and white monitor
An aluminium gazebo (m. 3x3), to be folded in 2 minutes' time, with printed Logo
Rectangular banners (size m. 8 x m. 0.9) for elastic mats with digital print
Superior triangular banners (size m. 2.5 x 1) with digital print of the logo and your sponsors
Polyester flags to ornate the upper poles

4 lights system for a total 2,000 W Rectangular banners for elastic mats with digital print Remote-control system

Structure: 24 months
Bungee cords: >600 cycles (such guarantee can be extended to 36 months through a periodical maintenance contract)
Metal components: 24 months
Fabric components (polyester, Dyneema): 12 months

*Only for construction defects. The warranty do not include wear and tear due to normal use, negligence and unsuitable storage.

At the administrative level, you just have to submit the Structure engineering Certification and the Conformity Certificates to the concerned Town Authorities. Both documents are released upon the delivery of the structure.

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