What is it?
It's the latest product for the newest extreme-leisure activities. The BTS® it's a structure studied and projected with the purpose of offering extreme games available to everyone. The main activity possible is Bungee Jumping or Catapult (reverse Jumping) but many others games can be added to the main structure as the "On Air" activities:
Wheel running
Rope Jumping
Free Climbing
Bungee Run

The safety has been the first priority in designing and projecting the structure. Every single element of BTS® accounts for the safety principles and this make this structure an absolutely safe launch base.

The market
Extreme games are going to be the most required non-virtual games in the world. The thrill of get in contact with gravity makes youngs and olders very crazy. The BTS® is the perfect system for creating a multiactivities area in leisure/water parks, sport centers, swimming pools, etc. With its 5 activities everyone can find his own preferred game. An advanced know-how has been applied to the project for having the simplest work system that allow a total safety standard while increasing the numbers of clients per hour of activity.
This guarantee consequently higher profits.

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