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Bungee Engineering is the Exploring Outdoor branches that handles design, construction and production of all our bungee cords in addition to the sale of our play and sports facilities as Acrojump4, Fionda Umana – Sling Shot, Bungee run and related spare parts and equipment.

In our production base of over 1000 mq, we process about 10 ton of natural latex per year to produce our bungee cords, for various applications: bungee jumping, ejection seat, suspension system, theater and acrobatic works ecc.

About 85% of production is exported  mainly to Europe, Asia and South America.

bungee cords

Design and production of Bungee Cords

Different type of High performance Bungee cords are designed and manufactured in our Production plant:
– Amusement Rides (ejection seat, Bungee Trampolines, etc.)
– Bungee Jumping
– Nautical equipment’s
– Theatre, Circus and TV Productions suspension systems
– Laboratories cut-vibrations
– suspension systems

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ricambistica e attrezzature

Spare parts and equipment

We deal with of sales of spare parts for Acrojump4,  Fionda Umana – Sling Shot, Bungee Run structures  and DPI components and accessories (harnesses, pulleys, longe, other…).

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strutture bungee


We sell different play and sports facilities:

  • Acrojump4: an innovative play-structure that allows 4 users at the same time, for a total weight range of 20 to 100 kg., to jump and perform acrobatics that may reach a height of 8 metres thanks to improved high-performance bungee cords. The peculiarity of this structure, that we entirely produce in aeronautical aluminium, lies in the special care we take during the designing phase. Such process guarantees:
    a) a simple self-elevation system that makes both assembly and dismantlement faster
    (2 people can do that in 3 hours’ time);
    b) a selection of the materials, Certified and of the finest quality;
    c) simplified system for harness and bungee cords with fast release.
  • Fionda Umana – Sling Shot: the first European structure that allows a horizontal launch in complete safety, with the strength of a rubber band that permits you to reach  100km/h in less than one second.
  • Bungee Run: inflatable structure suitable for hilarious challenges with friends. With a Bungee Cord secured to the back with a special harness, you run along your own lane to attach a velcro flag at the furthest point possible, fighting against the tension of the elastic that counteracts the race.

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