All info about the 1st Bungee Center in Italy: since 1994, bungee jumping from the 152 meters Colossus bridge in Veglio-Mosso (Biella).
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R&D, design and production of Bungee Cords for any ride: Ejection Seat, Bungee Trampolines, Bungee Jump, Theaters and Shows.
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AcroJump4®: the best quality for the extremely safe and fast "high" Bungee Trampoline. Spare Parts (3 days shipping) for any Bungee Trampoline.
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Adventure Park
Design, construction & maintenance of natural or artificial acrobatic courses.
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Mobile Bungee Jumping for Events, Happenings & Shows.
Rent AcroJump4® rides.
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Full assistance for Television, Movie & Extreme Theatre special productions.
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