Faqs and information

You are welcome to bring as many spectators as you like to our Bridge.

Yes, near the Colossus Bridge you can find our Adventure Park Veglio with a real aerial adventure trails between trees inside a deep wood. At about 15km. distance: down-hill MTB, free climbing, skiing, horse riding, archery are available as well with the Consorzio Alpi Biellesi.

Obviously some people can take longer than others, the times below are not exact but are the maximum amount of time you should allow to complete your experience: maybe 1,5/2h.

The dropped at the bottom of the bridge add up 2 minutes. Our Bungee Team give you all information during the briefing before the jump.

No, if you fail to jump we’ll try to persuade you to do it and overcome fear.

Videos can be purchased online during the booking process or on the day of your jump at the reception. You can’t use any personal go pro camera or mobile phone during the jump.

Rain or shine, we’re open in all weather conditions. High winds (>90km/h) are our main concerns, but it is never occurred since 1994! We open from March to December, every week ends. Please watch our calendar.

Exploring Outdoor srl is the 1st Italian professional Company specialized in bungee jumping from 1994. Everything must be calculated to exclude every kind of risk, elastic ropes made by our own with a decennial know how; our bungee cords are tested by Polytechnic of Torino and have the special AES (Anti-Elongation System), anyhow it is the Team experience that guarantees the safety of all the jumpers. In fact a member of the Team can be promoted to being in charge of the centers only after long training. To avoid every kind of mistake and risk of the routine, every phase of the equipment is subjected to the “Cross-check” by the Staff members that are subjected to a periodical rotation. In 2002 we promoted a research approving after 5 months of studies the National Safety Standard called S.I.S.E. (Standard Italiano Salto con Elastico).

No, helibungee is not feasible in Italy.

We provide all the equipment and training. By bungee equipment we primarily mean the actual cord, but the essential part of Bungee Jumping are the ankle harnesses with a backup harness with two separate connections and the sternal harness for a third safety.

Clothing – Please dress according to the weather. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes.

Footwear Please refrain from wearing boots or anything that may interfere with ankle harnesses otherwise they will have to be removed prior to jumping. Trainers and securely fastened shoes are fine.

Glasses / Contact lenses .Unfortunately glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn however soft contact lenses for jumping are allowed.

We don’t have an elevator ;). After the jump, you will be dropped to the bottom of the bridge where our operator will help you to remove the harness and indicate the path to go over the bridge.

Yes, in Italy in 1998. Two Bungee Jumping organization (Jumping Italia e Jochen Schweizer Bungee Jumping) caused non-fatal incident anyone. In May 2002, Associazione Jumping of Arrone (Terni) caused a fatal incident, the cause of the incident has been determined as human error. From that day was born SISE (Standard Italiano Salto con Elastico). In the rest of the world we don’t have specific statistic but it is not considered that exceed the 0,006% of incident with approx. 800.000 jumps per year.

Unfortunately glasses / sun glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn however soft contact lenses for jumping are allowed or else.

No, we don’t do tandem jumps at our Bungee Center. We prefer give priority to the single experience and focusing the activity on single jumps it was possible increase the elastics length (our cords are the longest in the world!).

NO! Bungee.it is Leader in Europe for bungee cords and activities since 1994 with more than 15 tons of bungee cords produced each year.

No Age restrictions. Minors can jump with parent’s authorization (that we’ll send you by mail confirmation). The only limits are good health and weight (min. 45kg max. 120 kg).

Min. weight limit is 45 kg. Max. weight limits is 120 kg

Yes, the reservation is mandatory here: http://booking.bungee.it/en

No, we don’t require any medical certificate but if you are not in good health you should NOT jump. It is not advisable for who have heart disease, pregnancy, ophthalmology (severe myopia, degenerative myopia etc.), damages of skeleton, muscles-tendons and joint, shoulder dislocation, central an peripheral neurological disease (paresis, paralysis, epilepsy)subjects under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Anyhow, we are not medically trained professionals so we cannot comment on individual cases so we always recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.