100% adrenaline!

Our OUTDOOR Bungee Center is located halfway between Torino and Milano. It is an 8 tiered bridge, nicknamed “Colossus” for its immense size. At the Center all year long you can try one of the highest World bridge jump: 152 meters high (499 ft.)!

Colossus Bridge

Ponte Colossus di Veglio (Bi)

Since the opening day in 1995, is a Bungee-Cult site, where every year more than 2000 people coming from anywhere meet the gravity power; most of them are common people and many of them come back to taste the 2nd jump feeling.

On the Bridge there is a webcam that publishes an image of the view every 5 minutes. More information on the history of the Colossus bridge is published on colossusbridge.com.

Bungee Center Veglio (Bi)

Jump in numbers

The Jump

28 m/s vertical speed (>100 km/h)
-2.7g the maximum g-force during a jump
4,5 sec. average first fall duration

The elastic cord

300% the average maximum stretching of the rope during a jump
2.310 kg the maximum load sustained by our bungee ropesĀ  during the tests
391 kg the maximum load during the activity ( for a mass of 145 kg)
606 the number of stretch-shock sustained by the rope during the tests, with no plastic deformation or relevant threads breaking
350 the maximum number of jumps allowed at our bungee center before changing the bungee rope